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5 November 1850 — Father Claude-André Baty to Father Jean-Claude Colin, Sydney

Translated by Peter McConnell, February 2011

J(esus) M(ary) J(oseph) Procure of Sydney 5 Nov 1850

Very Reverend and beloved Father,
despite my many letters which are going to arrive all at the same time because of the return of the Tasmania, I need to mention some points again.
The return of Father Chaurain explained to us the two cheques which I told you about that he withdrew from the bank; fortunately there is nothing to it. It was the delay on the part of those who were issued those cheques which caused the miscalculation and also Father Chaurain who was averse to giving his account. It is twice six pounds fourteen shillings at least for Father Chaurain’s expenses. Bishop Douarre offered me his money discreetly. By giving him several non-essential things I hope to have made peace with him. I will use his money only as a final resort. If I can, I will send brothers Aristide and Optat with Father Chaurain; Optat because I think it absolutely vital for his salvation. The suggestion that he made of going to the Isle of Pines, knowing that the dangers that he would face there would be much greater than those he was not able to be protected from at Woodlark has confirmed my belief which is moreover shared by Father Frémont. That brother does not in any way want to admit his wrongs. Aristide is a very good brother at least from what I know, but as he has your permission to leave and as he has been asking to leave for a long time, I don’t think I should insist on making him stay. I am going to send Father Ducrettet to Wallis but I don’t know when he will be able to leave. In the case of brother Optat, it may very well be that he is not the full reason for his unhappiness, because according to what they say and from what he says the priests may very well have contributed to the difficulty.
Very Reverend Father, accept the renewal of my affection and gratitude and be so good as to believe me in Jesus and Mary,
Your very humble and very obedient servant,