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4 February 1853 — Father André Chapuy to Father Victor Poupinel, Isle of Pines

Translated by Peter McConnell, April 2011

Reverend Father,
I am deliberately making this letter quite short so that Reverend Father Rocher can easily slip it into his letter.
Many many thanks for your kindness in sending items which I asked for; thanks to your care and that of Father Rocher, everything arrived in a perfect condition. Out of gratitude I am thinking of sending you in the near future some pictures, scenes, etc which will probably interest you. If until now you have not received anything of that kind, it is not through negligence or forgetfulness on my part but really because the heavy work of establishing this settlement has taken away any thought of art, but Blessed be God! those jobs are coming to an end. We will soon have some time for recreation which we will use to bring enjoyment to those who have taken so much care of us, and without charging.
The book dealer who had to sent editions of the Magasin pittoresque probably did not understand perfectly the note that I sent him. I thought I had asked him to send such and such editions in separate posts and in the end of my letter the words: the edition dated September 1848 and all subsequent editions until the date of mailing them.
I received first of all the separate editions; secondly all editions for the three years 1849-1851; thirdly the edition of September 1848 but the last three editions of that same year have not been sent to me: the October, November and December editions haven’t arrived. I’d be grateful to you if you were to have them sent to me; they would complete my collection of them.
At this very moment the year’s supply for 1852 has been published; you will be able to add them to the three editions; postage would be dearer but certainly no less pleasant to receive.
Without giving you excessive work, if you were able to pass on my very humble regards to the very Reverend Father Superior, to the Reverend Fathers Lagniet and Eymard and to say hello to Father Champiom, that would give me much pleasure and make me very beholden to you.
I commend the mission station and the missionary to your most fervent prayers and to those of all pious people whom you know.
Chapuy, priest of the Society of Mary.
The first time that you have the opportunity of seeing the Mother Superior of the Boucle, remember me to her, please; I hope she does not forget my little sister whose death she has probably heard of. I have not forgotten the promise that I made her that I would write; one day I will make good that promise.