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12 March 1853 - Father Benoît Forestier to Father Victor Poupinel, New Caledonia

Translated by Peter McConnell, April 2011

To Rev Fr Poupinel § Procurator of the Missions

[In Poupinel’s handwriting]
Balade, 12 March 1853 § Fr Forestier
Reverend Father,
the bishop asks you be so kind as to add some three or four copies of Roman martyrology to the books he has asked you for. As the number of our converts increase our breviary and our memory can no longer supply the number of different names which we need.
Reverend Father, I am fortunate in taking advantage of this chance to thank you for your letters. It is a link which connects us to the Society and leads us to love it more. What you tell us about retirement and the statements the Reverend Father Superior in particular mentions are for some of us of such significance that you would not dream of. Grace is attached to those words. I hope, worthy Father, that after you have made us drink from the cup of honey, you will not refuse us it again..
Trust in the deep respect with which
I am your unworthy colleague,
Benoît Forestier
Priest of the Society of Mary.