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25 August 1853 — Bishop Philippe Viard to Father Victor Poupinel, Wellington

Based on the original that was sent, APM Z 152.18 Viard.

Translated by Peter McConnell, April 2011

[p. 4]
[In the handwriting of Poupinel]
Wellington 25 August 1853 § Bp Viard § Given to Notre-Dame de la Salette

My very dear friend,
Kindly donate a pound for the intentions of Reverend Father Petit Jean and if the Superior deems it appropriate, I would like to give two pounds for the same intention, that is to say for the construction of the chapel of Notre-Dame de Salette.
These three pounds will be deducted from the money you send me every year.
I will take these two pounds in little doses which are sometimes made to me in Wellington.
Your very devoted one in Jesus and Mary
+Philippe Joseph Viard.
For the same intention, another pound for Doctor John Fitzgerald MD in Wellington.