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15 July 1854, Father Joseph Sage to Father Jean-Claude Colin, Upulu

Translated by Sr Marie Challacombe SM, July 2015

Fr Colin, superior of the Marists in Lyon France
Amaile, Upulu Island, 15 July, 1854

Very Reverend Father,
As almost every year I address to you the few lines I send to my good parish priest, I think that dispenses me from writing directly to you. I have nothing in particular to tell you, except that I am very upset that the door to Oceania has been closed for my confreres in France. I prefer this island to Rotuma, because it seems much easier to do good here. I do what I can with as much courage as if I did not have to abandon the enterprise, although a dark and ill-defined rumour makes us foresee that we shall have to cede the place to others, or, which would be even more distressing, to our enemies. It is perhaps from this that there comes a certain uneasiness that I find here, an uneasiness that greatly harms the zeal and the charity of those who excel most in these two virtues, and all are of the opinion that only the journey of the bishop to France can put an end to it.
The most humble and the least of your children
J(oseph) Sage, S(ocietatis) M(ariae)