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Fr Couloigner to Fr ???, Lyon, 10 Nov 1879

Translated by P Kiley, April 2000


Society of Mary

Montee St Barthelemy, 4


10th November 1879

Dear Father

Very Reverend Father General is asking me to transmit to you the power to give indulgences for 500 crucifixes for the Stations of the Cross, and to tell you that he is very busy at the moment and cannot write to you, but that he will not be long in replying to the good letter that you wrote to him on the 17th of October.

I am taking this opportunity to ask you several things:

1. The list of the Fathers of your House with the employment that they are exercising.
2. The list of the Coadjutor Brothers with their functions.
3. I have no date for your ordination to Diaconate. Bishop Elloy ?? [name uncertain] ordained you to subdiaconate in Dublin in 1868; Bishop Whelan ordained you priest in Dublin in 1869; but for diaconate, nothing. Tell me as soon as possible the place, the date, and the name of the bishop.
4. Father Tehen ??? [name uncertain] has been ordained priest at St Foy on the 13th of July 1874 by Bishop Redwood, but I have no other indication for tonsure, minor orders, subdiaconate, diaconate. Please give me this information as well as yours.
5. Has Father Rapier been ordained deacon? Where, when and by whom? If he is a priest, the same, or when he will be, please say here where, when and by whom?

These are indeed little details, but they have great importance here, at certain moments and in certain circumstances. Every day I see the necessity for them. You must have learnt of the death of Father Shivel ??? [name uncertain] by the letter giving notice of this. I also sent a newspaper. Please pray for him.

I am finishing, dear Father, by wishing you every prosperity in your new position. I wrote yesterday to Father Godier (by Father Renardier); give my kind regards to him. But I think that I forgot to tell him that I sent the account about La Naylière to Bishop Lafleche.

All my best wishes in Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Fr Couloigner SM
Pro Secretary