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Fr J Favre to ??, Lyon, 29 Mar 1880


Society of Mary

Montee St Barthelmy 4


29th March 1880

Dear Father

You know the trip that I made to Rome at the end of December to see the Holy Father. I was very satisfied with my trip. When I returned I had to stay three weeks at Montbel with Fr Germain who was sick and in spite of all our care we had the pain of losing him through a terrible illness which never spares anyone [text which explains the illness is unclear here - translator’s note]. It’s a tremendous loss for the Society and for me in particular. Remember him very much in your prayers.

Do not forget the letter that I sent you at the end of last year about your college and prepare the reply that you will have to make to my questions. Fr Henry will have informed you of the reply that I make to him. We don’t want to sacrifice him. We want on the contrary to bring him to perfection in all respects. Push him towards piety which he lets slide at times.

Fr Godin is asking me to be released from his position as ordinary chaplain for the Sisters. I think that you have authorisation from the Archbishop or his representative. Fr Godin seems to be relying on our rules to refuse, but if there are reasons, our rules are not opposed to it. Fr Godin appears a little demoralised. Be good to him and encourage him very much. At the moment I haven’t time to reply to him.

Fr Poupinel has written to you about Clottey. He has been expelled from the Society and from New Zealand because of excessive love of drink. Don’t keep him at any price in your house. It would be a scandal and he would make things difficult for you.

Fr Schmyth??? [name uncertain - translator’s note] writes to me that a part of the family is suffering from famine and he begs me to allow him to come to its help. I allow him to do it with his Mass stipends for two or three months, in recognition of the fact that he shows himself to be very pious and devoted. By conducting himself as a good religious he will attract the blessings of God and the protection of the Holy Virgin on his family.

Tell Fr Renardier that I shall write to him very soon.

Goodbye, dear Father. Give me news about yourself. [Next sentence is unclear - translator’s note]

All the best to you in Jesus and Mary
J Favre SM