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Fr J F R Pestre (Provincial) to Fr C Cognet (Superior of Maori Mission), Wellington, 21 June 1895

Translated by Brian Quin, February 2002

MAW HD1/55-6

Wellington 21 June/95

Reverend and very dear Father
You will find enclosed a cheque for £16.5.2, which is for your quarter from April to June 1895.
I also have the pleasure of telling you that Very Reverend Father General is calling you to make your second noviciate, in preparation for your vow of stability. Try to begin you six months noviciate as soon as possible, so that the period ends at the time of the ecclesiastical retreat in January next, as that retreat will be able to take the place of the one demanded for making the vow of stability. You will find the rules[1] enclosed. Observe them as best you can in the circumstances. Those are the very words of Father-General.
Be assured, Reverend and very dear Father, of my sincere affection.
Your devoted servant in JMJ
J F R Pestre
PS If you need any Mass intentions, please let me know, and indicate the number you want, eg 50 or 100 etc. In Wellington there has been, for a long time, a box of your Maori books, which Fr Soulas does not want to accept. If you want them, you have only to drop a line to Fr Devoy, who will send you them straight away.


  1. for making the vow of stability? - translator’s note