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Fr J F R Pestre to Fr C Cognet, Meanee, 12 November 1895

Translated by Brian Quin, February 2002

MAW HD1/64-65

Meanee, 12 November 1895
Reverend and very dear Father
The sheet of Fr Hervier’s accounts for April to June, which has recently arrived, debits you with the following:
Fr c
Binding of 50-0 copies of Hitoria Poto for the Fathers of St Joseph[1] Fr Cognet 350 00
Cost of sending boxes from Lyons to New Zealand :
Boxes 4046/7 Fr Kreymborg 35 50
Boxes 4048/9 Fr Lighteach 28 55
Boxes 4051/1 Fr Lighteach 35 50
Box 4052 Fr Smiers 14 55
Box 4053 Fr Holienhok 14 55
Total 478 65
So it is £19.2.11 which is owing for the binding and the carriage of these books for these missionaries, without taking into account the cost of the books themselves. Therefore try to recover all these costs, otherwise, you see, they will make a big bite into your allowance. When they pay you, you can keep this money if you want to, contenting yourself with letting me know the total amount. I will take the amount off your allowances.
I was happy to learn from your last letter that you were, finally at home. I hope you will be happy there for long years. I hope you will find the gardener of whom you speak. Unfortunately we don’t have anyone here who can do this work for you.
We all wish you well for the success of your bazaar. I hope it covers all your debts. But don’t be over-generous in paying them yourself. It’s always necessary, when dealing with the Irish, to keep an iron in the fire.[2] Later on, you will indeed be happy to have some savings to build your schools.
Thank you very much for your kind invitation. I will reply to it with the greatest pleasure as soon as I can.
No news here. We will have our ordinations on the 29th and 30th of this month, conferred by His Lordship Bishop Grimes on his return from Auckland. We have only Brother Legeard for the priesthood, and he still prefers to go and get ordained in New Caledonia by his future bishop.
Please give my regards to Fr Lacroix.
Believe, Reverend and dear Father,
Your very devoted servant in JMJ
J F R Pestre
PS Thank you very much for your fine photographs.


  1. Mill Hill Missionaries - translator’s note
  2. avoir le fer au feu