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Fr J F R Pestre (Provincial) to Fr C Cognet (Superior of Maori Mission), Wellington, 18 August 1895

Translated by Brian Quin, February 2002

HD 1/59


Wellington 18 August 1895

Reverend and very dear Father

I have just received from the Bank of New Zealand in London, some money for the Maori mission. Because of the rumours which are circulating about this bank, I am anxious not to leave the money remain there. I hasten therefore to pay you your July – September quarter in advance. You can put this little sum in the Savings Bank, with what you already have. I must add that Fr Hervier’s accounts, which I have just received, leave at your disposal a sum at least equal to you quarterly amount. But I will hold it back the next time [has he omitted something like jusqu’à – until? translator’s note]. So make haste to cash the cheque enclosed with this, and try, without saying anything, to have yourself paid in gold or in banknotes other than those of the Bank of New Zealand . Please acknowledge reception.

Your very devoted servant in JMJ
J R Pestre