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Fr Colin to ??, Lyons, 3 November 1845

Translated by Miss Melaine Lindsay. Corrected by Fr Gaston Lessard SM


Lyons, November 3, 1845

My dear Confrère

The departure of thirteen new missionaries from the Society who are going to rejoin Monsignor Bataillon and Monsignor Epalle provide me with the opportunity to write you this brief letter. The Society of Mary is expanding rather appreciably: it has, besides the three Houses at Lyons and St Etienne, establishments at Bordeaux, Agen, Paris, Toulon, Moulins, etc, and the House of Theology at Belley has 52 [students?] or novices, we are thinking of forming presently two other Houses of Theology. What gives me the greatest comfort is that the spirit of the Society grows ever stronger – poverty, simplicity, religious obedience are practised with edification. I say nothing of the foreign missions, you are well informed on this point.

In New Zealand we know that you are … [undergoing hardship or, better, neglected]. But this painful situation contributes to your sanctification. Place your trust fully in God; this situation will come to an end. Support each other in virtue and in the exercise of prayer. If we did not know that your material condition was improving and that the grants from the Society for the Propagation of the Faith were being passed on to you correctly, we would suffer. Courage therefore, your relations and your Brothers await letters from you. Do not deprive them of this comfort.

Give my regards to all the Fathers and the Brethren. I am, with fond affection, my dear confrère,

Your very humble servant, Colin