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Bp Pompallier to Fr Reignier, Auckland, 27 February 1851

Translated by Miss M Lindsay 1986

St Patrick’s, Auckland
February 27th, 1851
My Reverend and dear Father Reignier
I have just written to you; it was rather hastily because of the unexpected departure of a shipload of natives for Tauranga. But since this ship is not leaving as quickly as it was announced, I have written to Father Moreau and I hasten to write to yourself because I was not able to say in a brief letter today everything I wanted to. The Reverend Father Moreau will doubtless inform you of what I said to him. I am sure of it and I do not repeat these matters.
I have read your pleasant and interesting letters of November 29th, December 25th and January 16th. Your news and remarks are of use to me; I am grateful to you for them.
At present it is impossible for me to send a curate/priest to Father Garavel or to send one to Rotorua also. ….[Si vous quittez avec la P Morieau cette ……. matin] Heaven and the church see the auxiliary work of the Marists in New Zealand and how they are the auxiliary troops of the episcopate and Bishops; they cultivate the fields and at the time of harvest they abandon them and go to seek uncertain fruits elsewhere; there you have a faithful picture of what happens in this archipelago under the high government or myth of goodness knows who. I have a distressed heart by it. God will provide, I hope. Never have ingratitude and delusion earned the blessings of men, of the angels, of Mary and of God.
There is nothing for which I have to reproach you, my Reverend son in Jesus Christ. You are all ………………………………………….. that I have only to express to you my gratitude for your journeys, your work, your zeal, your affection and your devotion. Your letters and your deeds demonstrate the sentiments which I express to you here. I hope that prior to your departure to Wellington you will come and see me in Auckland which is of course the port of your departure.
Your fond and devoted servant,
Pompallier, Auckland
PS I have written to Monsignor Viard and Father Forest with regard to you. I expressed my wish to have you in my diocese. I am waiting for their replies, and I urge you to await them likewise for the decisions concerning your stay in my diocese or your departure for the South.