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Secretary Minister of Justice & Religion to Archbishop of Amasie, Paris, 6 Sep 1839

Translated by Miss M Lindsay 1986


Paris, 6 September 1839

To Your Grace, Archbishop of Amasie,

Chapter Administrator of Lyons

Your Grace, I have the honour of informing your, in reply to your letter of 27th August last, that the necessary arrangements will be made to be able to settle comme e’epense d’exercice clos the assistance give to S S Petitjean, Viard and Comte, missionaries of New Zealand , when the receipts [quittances] which they must donner have reached Administration.

This expenditure, belonging to the financial year 1839 would, however, fall into dêcheonce according to the terms of article 9 of the law of 29 January, 1831, if it was not able to be settled before 31 December, 1844; it will always be appropriate therefore to hasten as much as possible the presentation of the receipts concerned.

Accept, Your Grace, the assurance of my high esteem,

Keeper of the Seals of State
Secretary Minister of Justice and Religion,
(Place du Sceau)