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Fr Colin to Inter-Nuncio Apostolic, Lyons, 22 November 1839

Translated by Miss M Lindsay 1986 HD3/17

Lyons, 22 November 1839
Permit me to take the liberty of expressing my deep gratitude to you for the benevolent protection which you gave to our two confrères, the sound advice with which you aided them in their inexperience, and all the steps you were prepared to take for us. Be so good, Sir, as to continue to take interest in our small Society and our dear mission. This will encourage us to enter still further into the spirit of our Rules, which is an absolute dedication to the will of the Supreme Pontiff: it is from Rome that we await the light and it is with heart and soul that we wish to attach ourselves to this invincible Papal throne of which you, Sir, are the worthy representative.
I have just sent Marshal Soult, Duke of Dalmatia, a brief report on the state of our Mission in Western Oceania. I express the desire to see consular agents in this country and I make him see the advantages of this.
Depending on the government’s disposition, he would appoint men prepared to protect the missionaries and this would result in the Methodists not daring to drive out those to whom the consul would give protection. It was unbelievable, Sir, the affection with which the natives of New Zealand welcomed Monsignor the Bishop of Maronée and the gains to the faith in this country would be numerous indeed if the efforts of the Methodists were paralysed. Our greatest hope lies in our God, and in Mary our Mother, but nor must we neglect the human means which are offering to us. Thus will you be further so kind as, Monsignor, to exercise on our behalf your high influence with the ministers.
Our great difficulty is remaining such a long time without news of Monsignor the Bishop of Maronée. From a letter I received today, I learn that three of our missionaries have arrived successfully in O’Taiti: and thanks to the fine conduct of the French commanders and to the protection from the Consul who has just been appointed, the missionaries will now be able to stay in O'Taiti, and they have numerous supporters there. But we are also informed that, thanks to the intrigues at the Vavao Methodists, our missionary from Wallis has twice been brought for trial and that his life is in great danger.
Colin, Superior General
To Monsignor The Internuncio-Apostolic