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Fr JÉRÔME GRANGE, aged 35 (on arrival in New Zealand in Group VI in 1842).

He remained at Kororareka till October 1842 when Pompallier sent him to Pea in Tongatapu on the Sancta Maria which was on its way to Valparaiso to be sold. His health deteriorated there and he was uplifted April 1846 to convalesce in Sydney. A year later he went to New Caledonia where he was seriously wounded in the sacking of the Balade mission station in July 1847. He convalesced in Sydney and was repatriated to France in 1848. He died as chaplain to the Marist Brothers' school at Saint Paul Trois Chateaux on 23 June 1852, aged 45, and is buried there.

Grange S.M., Jérôme

Born 20/04/1807 St Clair-du-Rhône, Isère, France

Died 23/07/1852 St-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, Drôme, France

Ordination 21/12/1839

Profession 25/09/1841

  • Puylata for novitiate
  • 18411218 departure from London on London arrive Wellington 18420404
  • 18420411 departure Wellington for Auckland arrive 18420428
  • 18420503 departure Auckland for Bay of Islands arrive 18420504
  • 18420518 Hokianga with Petit LRO doc 141, 320
  • 18421004 sailed for Tonga LRO doc 202
  • 184210 by 21 arrived in Tonga LRO doc 208
  • 18460415 left Tonga on Columbine arrive Sydney 18460518
  • 18460707 arrive in New Caledonia on Clara LRO doc 372
  • 18470317-18470406 sailed on l’Anonyme to Anatom (Aneityum) in New Hebrides LRO doc 372
  • 18470718 with Blaise Marmoiton at Balade when latter is mortally wounded LRO doc 372
  • 18470822 left New Caledonia on la Brillante LRO doc 372
  • 18470912 arrive in Sydney LRO doc 372
  • 18480420 left Sydney on L'Arche Alliance LRO doc 372
  • 184907 arrived on L'Arche d'Alliance arrived at Brest Poupinel doc 149
  • 184910 chaplain to Marist Brothers at St-Paul-Trois-Châteaux Poupinel doc 158

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