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From THE FIRST WAVE OF FRENCH MARISTS by Michael O'Meeghan SM, 2008, 17.

Fr JEAN-ANDRÉ TRIPE, aged 43 (on arrival in New Zealand in Group IV on 11 Jul 1840).

He was a Marist while in New Zealand, but reverted to his diocese of origin when he returned to France. Pompallier took him to Akaroa on the Sancta Maria, arriving on 20 October 1840, and left him there with charge of the French colonists. He became discouraged by the religious indifference shown by most and returned to Kororareka in mid-November 1842. A year later he left to return to France.

Tripe S.M., Jean André

Born 20/02/1797 La Garde, Var, France

Died 20/07/1890 Tavernes, Var, France

Ordination 12/06/1824

Profession 07/01/1840

  • 18240620 assistant priest at Cuers
  • 18330618 rector of Collobrières

Entered SM

  • 18400210 left Brest on Aube
  • 18400711 arrive Bay of Islands on Aube from Brest
  • 18400831 still in Bay of Islands LRO doc 72
  • 184009 accompanied Pompallier on Sancta Maria to Akaroa LRO doc 78
  • 184010-1843 January? Akaroa - still there in Oct/Nov 1842 LRO doc 209
  • 1843 January? Kororareka - definitely there in February LRO doc 239; possibly January - "10 month stay" LRO doc 333
  • 18431105 left Bay of Islands on Rhin for Sydney
  • 18440201 left Sydney for London on Jean
  • 18440805 written confirmation of release from vows

Incardinated into Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon

  • 18440905 rector of Le Cannet-du-Lac
  • 18450119 assistant priest at Tavernes
  • 18450323-18870315 parish priest at Tavernes - retired from position
    • 18791016 made an honorary canon of the diocese

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