Joseph-François Roulleaux

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Rev. JOSEPH-FRANÇOIS ROULLEAUX, aged 36 (on arrival in New Zealand in Group V on 15 Jun 1841).

On arrival he was still a theological student. Pompallier must have been satisfied that he had completed enough study on the voyage out, for he ordained him in July 1841, in the Hokianga. Towards the end of April 1842 Roulleaux left on the Sancta Maria (with Catherin Servant) for Wallis as the first leg of a journey to Ponape. However, while visiting Wallis, Pompallier countermanded his previous instructions and Roulleaux went instead (with Servant) to Futuna. In 1844 he was one of founding Marist group that went to Fiji. In 1855 he returned to France in poor health and died there on 1 December 1876, aged 71.

Letters from him

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