Joseph (Br Marie-Augustin) Drevet

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From THE FIRST WAVE OF FRENCH MARISTS by Michael O'Meeghan SM, 2008, 12.

Br MARIE-AUGUSTIN (Joseph) DREVET, aged 30 (on arrival in New Zealand in Group II on 14 Jun 1839).

Though he had been teaching in France he proved a competent builder first at Kororareka, then in the Hokianga, then at Kororareka again. On 4 October, 1842 he left there for Wallis on the Sancta Maria which was on its way to Valparaiso to be sold. After seven years on Wallis he moved on to Futuna for a year and then on to Fiji. In June 1855 at Levuka, he left the Marists who have no further record of him.

Research by Elizabeth Charlton:

Drevet F.M.S., Joseph (Br Marie-Augustin)

Born: 27/10/1809 Montrevel et Doissons, Isère, France
Profession xx/10/1836

  • 18350508 entered Hermitage OFM3 doc 497.44
  • 18350726 took habit OFM3 doc 497.44 OFM1 doc 96.4
  • 18350924 secret temporary vows OFM3 doc 569
  • 183610 perpetual vows OFM3 doc 576
  • 1842 July Whangaroa - LRO doc 178
  • Worked as a builder in NZ
  • 18421004 left for Wallis on the Sancta Maria LRO doc 202, 209
  • 1842 by 4 Nov arrived Wallis LRO doc 214, 221 - states he's a weaver
  • 1849 November being sent to Futuna LRO doc 845
  • 1851 September Levuka, Ovalau LRO doc 1067, 1090
  • 1853 July Rewa LRO doc 1266, LO doc 110
  • 185506 Bishop Bataillon dispensed him from vows
  • 1867 appears to still be in Fiji Poupinel doc 1116
  • ?18880814 died Levuka NZ Herald 7 September 1888 p5

Drevet death notice.jpg

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