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BR LUC MACÉ, aged 28 (on arrival in New Zealand in Group VI in 1842).

By Fr Michael O'Meeghan

Trained as a carpenter he remained at Kororareka except for brief stints at Tauranga in 1844 and Purakau in 1849. He went to Wellington with the 1850 Marist exodus and served briefly in Akaroa. Back in Wellington he was unsettled and left the Society. Viard's diary records him sailing on the Mumford for Hobart on 23 March 1854 after which there is no further record of him. Of the 15 brothers who came to New Zealand in this first wave, he was the only one who did not belong to Fr Champagnat's Little Brothers of Mary. He was one of the first accepted and trained by Fr Colin as a coadjutor brother, not a teacher.

Research on him by Elizabeth Charlton

Macé S.M., Luc, Br Luc

Born 09/08/1813 St Clément des levées, Maine et Loire

Profession 25/09/1841

Died 18/04/1882 Nakety, New Caledonia

  • 18410925 conditional perpetual profession - vows ... would cease automatically, if he did not leave shortly for the Western Oceania missions
  • 18411218 left London on London arrive Wellington
  • 18420404 18420411 left Wellington for Auckland
  • 18420503 left Auckland for Bay of Islands arrive 18420504
  • 1844 December Hokianga LRO doc 357, 434, 520 built pisé house by June 1846
  • 1846 May Kororareka LRO doc 503, 634
  • 18490606 Claude-Marie in his letter (LO 69), writing from Hokianga, indicates that Luc is at Kororareka.
  • 1850 left Diocese of Auckland
  • 1851 Akaroa back in Wellington by August LRO doc 1040, 1386
  • 18510727 left Lyttelton Brigantine Return for Wellington (Lyttelton Times 2 August 1851 Page 4)
  • 1852 Wellington Bishop Viard has promised to pay for their travel LRO doc 1184
  • 18540323 left Wellington for Tasmania - Hobart on Munford arrive 18540410 "Mr Massey" LRO doc 1342, 1343
  • 1867 - indication that he's in New Caledonia Poupinel VI doc 1239, 1431

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