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6 Dec 1841 - Fr Jean Pezant to Fr Jean-Baptiste Épalle (extract), Tauranga

APM 1488-21206

Transcribed and translated by Elizabeth Charlton, September 2022.


Tauranga, 6 December 1841

A Mes Doutes [My Doubts]. - Another good book of controversy, a little more extensive. Something from the New Testament, especially the Gospel, on the primacy of St. Peter, in Greek, to prove to our confreres that they are not the only ones with Greek.
A perfection chrétienne [Christian perfection] by Rodriguez. - A Menochius. - Ordinary writing paper: you gave me a lot, but I use a lot of it, not so much for myself as for the kaingas; their prayer books have 50, 60 pages, and they keep me very busy in the midst of errands and repairs.
Some good ink. I use a lot of it, for the same reasons.