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Fr Servant to Fr Garin, Purakau, 15 January 1842

Translated by Fr Brian Quin SM, May 2005

APM Z208 15 January 1842

15 January 1842, Purakau
Rev[erend] and dear Superior
I have time to say only a few words to you. I received with pleasure the encouragement and advice you gave me. The only observation I allow myself to make is that my letters addressed to Rev[erend] Father General in the past ought not have aroused any suspicion; because, when I spoke in writing, about the administration, I consulted either the Bishop himself or Father Epalle. Father Epalle threatened to have burnt the letters he thought suspect. I think that while writing in conformity with the rules of the mission and the Society, one could spare him the trouble of burning letters from people whom he suspected of dissension by means of a post office which is near [p2] our mission station. This option is easy and in no way contrary to good order when it is a matter of letters which the rule allows to be sealed. The rule applies as usual except in times of confusion. I am finishing: soon I hope to write to you at greater length.
Pray, please for me.
Your very humble and devoted
Mis[sionary] apost[olic]
PS Would you tell Father Epalle to send us wine for Mass; soon we will be out of it. I am very anxious to hear news of the Bishop and to be able to speak to him before his departure for France.