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2 August 1843 – Father Antoine Garin to Father Louis-Maxime Petit, Kororareka

Original document sent APM 1486-21164 (Letters from Bishop Pompallier to Fr Petit)

Transcribed and translated by Elizabeth Charlton, September 2022. See the French

Kororareka 2 August 1843

My Reverend Father
You will receive by the way of Br. Florentin
4 small packages of candles
1 axe
Shoes for Br. Claude-M. - later we will send you some.
We cannot send you vinegar; there are no more spades in Kororareka. Besides, on his return, the Bishop will tell us what items you need for growing crops.
Sending tobacco will be counted from 21 April.
Sending blankets from 10 April, because we started to send them to you at that time, these are the two that you think were lost.
The committee had decided that we could not send you a ram, a coat and a tent as you requested. Fr. Rozet has two sheep; he will send you one later.
Tell Fr. Lampila that I cannot send him his belongings on this occasion because Br. Florentin tells me that his native is a bad porter and a bad walker.
I believe that according to the constitutions of the Society you should have asked the Superiors for permission to receive the effects of this dead person, even though you did not receive them as your property.
Please examine in the new book of the ako marama where it is said that it was J.C. who changed Saturday to Sunday, or who ordered this change to be made; I believe that Bouvier[1] says that it was the apostles who did it and speak to the Bishop about it. I was going to speak to him about it, but at the moment I am in such a hurry that I do not have time to examine the matter properly.
Your most devoted servant


  1. Bouvier – likely Jean-Baptiste Bouvier, author of Institutiones theologicae ad usum Seminarii Cenomanensis, 1st edition 1818, later Bishop of Le Mans.