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Fr Baty to Br Claude-Marie Bertrand, Kororareka, 28 November 1844

Translated by Fr Brian Quin SM, September 2005

APM Z 208 28 November 1844

JMJ, Kororareka, 28 November 1844

Dear Brother
I am astonished that you proclaim everywhere, to whoever will listen, the dislike you have for staying in the Hokianga, and your desire to come back here. Why did you come to New Zealand? To order about and annoy your Superiors? Wouldn’t it have been better to let your place be taken by someone able to live anywhere? Does being a missionary mean having to be in certain privileged places to be happy? The native who came here a few days ago [and] who said that you would very much want to come back here; it now seems that you are showing your discontent even to the natives – aren’t you giving them a fine example?
So try from now on to not act in this way, and from now on you will have to obey Reverend Father Petit in everything he tells you.
Yours quite devotedly in Jesus and Mary