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4 December 1847 - Father Antoine Séon to Doctor Sinclair, Colonial Secretary

Transcribed from the photograph of the original

Reference: Archives NZ, search for number R23519757

From: A J Seon, Catholic Priest

To: Colonial Secretary, Auckland

Date: 4 December 1847

Subject: Requesting admission of native into Hospital Enclosed: - 1847/2377

4th December 1847 A.J. Seon Cath. Pr.
Requesting admission of native into Hospital

Chapel House
The 3rd of December 1847

To Dtr Sinclair,
Colonial Secretary.

In the absence of Mr Symonds I address myself to you in behalf of a native, whose name is Raniera Ponaiti. He was brought to my house sick. If it be possible to give him the benefit of the hospital I should be very much obliged to you.
I remain Sir,
Your most obedient
A. J. Seon
The sender confirmed in a note addressed to him that any native under Sickness sent by him to the Civil Hospital will be received [re]adily. A Sinclair
Decr ?/47
[To] be filed