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5 December 1848 - Father Antoine Séon to Colonial Secretary, Auckland

Reference: Archives NZ , search for number R23520247

Subject: For permission to return powder to Government Enclosed: - 1848/2770

Photograph of original document by Elizabeth Charlton IMG_3253.jpg

[Administrator’s writing over the top of the letter]
5 Dec 1848, Rev A Séon
For permission to return powder to Govt
48/2341 Enclosed

St Patrick’s
Dec 5th 1848
Referring to my former application to your office of the 20th Oct. on which I was permitted to borrow a quantity of gunpowder from the Public Magazine I have now the honour to inform you that we have received of Deborah from Sydney 150 lbs to repay the quantity borrowed (viz 100 lbs) and we have to request that the Collector of Customs may be authorized to permit the powder to be landed and that I may transfer the quantity borrowed to the Ordnance Department and retain the remainder for blasting purposes on the North Shore.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient Servant
J.A.J. Séon

The Hon.
The Colonial Secretary.

[On the left-hand margin, written perpendicular to the main text]
The permission to land the powder to be granted, and the applicant informed that the powder in question was not borrowed from the Colonial Govt. but it is supposed to have been obtained from the Ordnance Departt.
By command A Sinclair
Dec 5/48

Father Seon Dec 6/48
Licence Dec 7/48

Police to inform xxxx that xxx xxxx xxx xxx granted
A Sinclair Decr 7/48

Bl 48/1000
7 Decr 1848
The Collector of Customs
Noted and returned with the request. The usual letter of authority may xxxxxxx
Dec 7th 1848 [illegible signature]

Read and noted
Thos Beckham J.P.
Dec 7 1848