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18 Jun 1851 - Fr Antoine Séon to John Robert Godley, Lyttelton

Reference: Archives NZ, search for number R21007391
Reverend A.T. Seon to J.R. Godley - re an R.C. cemetery at Lyttelton for the faithful - 16/06/1851
Item type: Item
ID: R21007391
Years: 1851 - 1851
Box number: 140
Record number: 6/8, 1219
Location: Christchurch repository
Format: Text
Item level: Physical
Access status: Open
View online: IE79883143
Digital copy available: Yes
Access statement: Open access

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16 June 1851
Roman Catholic Priest at Akaroa

Praying to have certain land assigned for a R.C. Burial Ground
Recd 18 June 1851
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To Mr Godley
principal agent of the C. Ass

Wishing to prevent any embarrassment which might occur in the event of deaths either amongst the Roman Catholic faithful who are now in Lyttleton, or who may hereafter reside therein and have yet no burial ground; or amongst the natives of the same faith, who being admitted into the colonial hospital of the town might die there, I have the honour to pray you to be kind enough to assign a place where I could fulfill (sic) my duties and bury our dead according to the rites of the Church.
I am
your most humble
and obedient Servant

A.J. Séon
R.C. Priest of Akaroa

At Heaphy’s
Littleton [sic], the 16th of June 1851.