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Yvert to Colin, Caen, 2 January 1840

APM 511.84

Translation, Jessie Munro, 14 March 2005; checked Madeleine Le Jeune, Dec. 2006

Very Reverend Father,

Considering myself as one of your children, I come now to express to you at the renewal of the year, my wishes proffered for your happiness and blessings on your beloved community. Without a doubt, the long gap that has passed without reply, between my second letter and now, is well suited to cut back my pretensions; but I cannot believe that the Holy Virgin is forgetting me in these latest trials, she who gathers under her royal cloak both tigers and lambs. She knows, this good Mother, the unusual path I am proposing for myself is to expiate the burdens from my youth, and to bring honour to her by procuring the glory of her divine Son. Ah! Sir, when you read these words, if Mary speaks to your heart as she does to mine, you will soon have understood me, and you will receive me as Servant of your catechists. Being the very last of all, I will try to be the most obedient, and if only one victim is required to save the precious days of an apostle of the Gospel, I would leap swiftly between him and the murderer.

It’s not at all out of impatience, Reverend Father, that I beg you to convey to me your decision, whatever it be, for every delay could put me correspondingly in a difficult position. My confessor, Mr Montargis, parish priest of St Pierre’s, would receive your answer with much pleasure, if your great loving kindness feared to wound the heart of the most wretchedly lowly of all men. Monsieur Roulleaux, while waiting for a message on the matter concerning him, begs you to accept his sincerest respects.

With my most respectful best wishes, I am, Reverend Father, your humble servant,


Caen, 2 January 1840

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