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Br Francois to Br Lucien, (Our Lady of the Hermitage), 9 Jan 1857

LFF 297

Introduction and translation by Br Edward Clisby FMS


Although Lucien had written to Francois twice in the early months after arriving in the Pacific (rf LL 58, 67), it seems he did not write during his six years on Rotuma, probably because opportunities to send letters from there were rare. In 1857, however, he was in Samoa, at Lealatele on Savai'i, and in August he wrote to Favre from there (L 121). He must surely have responded to Francois' plea, but we do not find any further letters of his in the AFM.

Text of the Letter

We have had a close relationship which has been somewhat interrupted. But I am assuming that from now on it will resume its course. So when an opportunity for writing to us arises, try not to let it slip by. Or even prepare some letters for us as well in advance as you can. Since your situation in Oceania is very different from that of our Brothers in France, we are also very curious to learn everything about what you are doing, anything that has happened to you, and how you are.

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