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Br Francois to Br Euloge, (Our Lady of the Hermitage), 9 Jan 1857

LFF 297-8


Euloge joined Elie-Regis and Pezant at the new station of Wanganui early in 1852. This was a European settlement established at the mouth of the river of that name, a major transport route for Maori and European alike. When Elie accompanied Lampila upriver later in the year, Euloge stayed with Pezant in the town and helped build the presbytery and the church opened by Viard in August 1857. Poupinel would have delivered Francois' letter to him on his visitation in March the following year. Considering Euloge's fate, his superior's words are oddly prophetic.

Text of the Letter

It is already a very long time, my dear Brother, since we last saw each other and had a talk, but that does not prevent us from still loving each other and seeing each other in the sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. I am very pleased when I receive news of you, when the Fathers and Brothers mention you in their letters.
Without a doubt, you have had much to endure, especially in the early days when there was so much to be done. But when one is working for God, when one is suffering for God, the work is easy and the suffering delightful. Although nature sometimes rebels, when one thinks of all that Jesus Christ has done and suffered for us, one is happy to have a share in his works and sufferings to gain the glory of God and the salvation of souls. For, following the thought of the Beloved Disciple, as we have recognised God's love for us in giving his life for us, so we also ought to lay down our life for our brothers [ 1 Jn 3: 16].
You can do much good and render the mission great service by your prayers, work, your docility and your perfect submission to God's will. How many graces, how much help, how many conversions you will thus obtain by a life holy, edifying, and dedicated completely to God and for God.

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