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5 Dec 1836. — Pierre Colin to François Pompallier, Lyon

From a photocopy of the original sent, conserved in the archives of the Diocese of Auckland. Page 4 not photocopied.

Text of the Letter

[p. 4]
[It is possible to read from the photocopy of p. 3 part of the address on the reverse: ]

“To Monseigneur Pompallier”, “at Le Havre”,

[and the postmarks:] Lyon 6 DEC; 9 DEC

[p. 1]
Lyons. 5 Dec. 1836.

I have just received your welcome letter which I hasten to answer so that there may still time for your Grace to receive it before he embarks. Since my last letter, our number has increased; Fr. Baty has come to stay with us, so we are now four.[1] In three weeks time we shall be[2] six; two priests of the diocese of Lyons are coming to join us, one of whom is Fr. Lagnier, chaplain at l'Antiquail proposes to go out to assist you in the work of evangelizing the poor peoples of Polynesia, the other is Fr. Balmet, parish priest of St. Germain au Mondor.
In the last few days I have had news from Belley. It appears that all our dear confrères there are well. [3] Fr. Superior is there and is to come to Lyons around Christmas. Fr. Séon passed through Lyons on his way to Belleville to give a retreat to the Sacred Heart Sisters. He is preaching quite a number of short retreats this year either in communities or in parishes. We shall see again him in a few days from now.
The short annual retreat began last night at la Favorite, given by Fr. Nivet. I attended this morning's session and was edified by the piety and the attention of these little children; this retreat will finish on Thursday, the feast of the Immaculate Conception.
Our dear Brothers are still fervent, very punctual in their observance of the rule and attendance at the short meetings. Accept their regards and sentiments of affection and devotion, accepting with approval their goodwill as I have not yet seen any of them since I received your letter yesterday. I have started to preside over the meetings of the S(ist)ers; they were very keen to put new life into each other and to enlighten each other. Their number, I trust, will gradually increase. I am glad that you pointed out to me that the indulgences in the Brief are for them as well as the Brothers.
Having put his initials to it, Fr. Cholleton handed back to us the Brief concerning the Society. The Superior was for taking it off with him to Belley to circulate among our confrères, but fortunately he left it behind and I can send you the certified copy of the original. As to the address of our house in Lyons, it is: Montée St. Barthélemy, Nø 24 maison des Lazaristes. It seems that the Superior will often come to Lyons this year and that next year he may possibly reside there.
Your letters are a source of great consolation to us. We are following in spirit you and our dear confrères, on your voyage and we do not cease to commend you all, personally, as well as the peoples you are about to evangelize, to God. Fr. Cambalot is preaching the advent sermons in St. Nizier, with success; the church is always full. His discourses are on dogma.
All my confrères in Lyons, among others Fr. Chanut, whose name I inadvertently omitted in my last letter, beg you to accept their humble regards. Along with me, they embrace our dear confrères and Brothers.
I am, very respectfully,
the most humble and obedient servant of your Grace


  1. The four are Pierre Colin, Claude Baty, Jean Forest and Claude Besson. Br Luke therefore is not counted. (cf. doc. 6, § 1), but Sophie David mentions him. (LM, doc. 234, § 16).
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