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December 2009 - décembre 2009

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Marists after Vatican II / Maristes après Vatican II

A Greiler sm
Marists at Vatican II
A. Brambila fms
Les Frères Maristes et le sacerdoce après Vatican II
J. Hopkinson sm
A Marist’s Missionary Journey in the Latin American Church. In the Spirit of Vatican II, Medellin, Puebla and Aparecida
J. Hopkinson sm
Un caminar de un misionero marista por la iglesia de America Latina en el espiritu del Vaticano II, Medellin, Puebla y Aparecida
J. Hulshof sm
Peter and Mary. A Chapter of Marist Spirituality
J. Hulshof sm
Pietro e Maria.Un capitolo della spiritualità marista
H. Kronenberg sm - H. Saris sm
Catechists and Church Workers in the church of Bougainville
P. Westerman sm
Présence attentive dans notre temps
J. Thornhill sm
The Society of Mary in the Aftermath of Vatican II

Marists and Education / Maristes et éducation

B. Malone sm
Colin and Colleges
M. Á. Ramírez González sm
María de Guadualupe, un modelo pedagógico para nuesto tiempo. El caso del Colegio Franco Inglés en México

Short Notices – Notices Brèves

P. Leamy smsm,
Auxiliaries of the Marist Missionaries–Women’s perspectives
A. Kennedy sm, S. Faka’osi sm, M. Crawford sm, P. Matairatu sm, G. Momis sm, R. Girana sm, S. Maetara sm
The First Oceanian Marist: Petelo Likumoakaaka
E. Keel sm,
The Logo for Forum Novum and Maristica
G. Lessard sm,
Forum Novum de 1989 à 1999
G. Lessard sm,
Forum Novum from 1989 to 1999
G. Bigotto fms,
A dix ans de la Canonisation