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23 September 1842 — Bishop Jean-Baptiste-François Pompallier to Father Jean-Claude Colin, Bay of Islands, NZ

Translated by Fr Brian Quin SM, August 2015

To Reverend Father Colin, Superior General of the Marists, at Lyons.

Bay of Islands, September 23, 1842.

Reverend Father,
In a letter dated 10th September 1841, I asked you to send me, each trimester, the allocations of the Propagation of the Faith for this mission, so in that way avoiding, in the case of accidental happenings in the banks, or on ships bringing them to us, losing them totally. Along with the members of my council at the Bay of Islands, I am still of the same opinion.
As well, by sending me our funds in this way, regularly and by trimesters, you will still have, in this mission’s cashbox in Lyons, a certain sum available for facing up to some extraordinary and urgent need.
I am drawing on you, today ,at the order of Mr Poncet, the sum of seven hundred and ninety five francs, value received in paper here. This gentleman, a Frenchman, is going to Valparaiso to settle there. Please honour this draft in triplicate.
With respect and gratitude, I have the honour to be, Reverend Father,
Your most humble and obedient servant,
+ Jean-Baptiste François Pompallier, Bishop, Vicar-Apostolic of Western Oceania.