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28 September 1842 — Bishop Jean-Baptiste-François Pompallier to Father Jean-Claude Colin, Bay of Islands

Translated by Fr Brian Quinn SM, August 2005

To Fr Colin, Superior General of the Marists at Lyons , 4 St Barthelémy Rise, Lyons, France.

Bay of Islands, 28 September, 1842

Reverend Father,
As I informed you in a letter dated 10th September 1841, I am drawing on you for a part of the allocations of 1841 and 1842, to extinguish all interest paid on this place. This way of acting is convenient for me right now, since our businessmen really want to do it this way. Reverend Fr Épalle, who will have arrived a long time before this missive, will have told you about all the difficulties that this mission has experienced up till today, to make use of the sums of money which have been dispensed by the Propagation of the Faith.
This draft which you will have to pay is the second I have agreed on with Mr Mayhew, for the value of two thousand, one hundred and forty-four francs, sixty–eight centimes. It is sent in triplicate.
I have the honour to be, with respect and gratitude, Reverend Father,
Your most humble and obedient servant,
+ J(ean)–B(aptis)te F(ranç)ois Pompallier
Bishop, Vicar-Apostolic