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19 March 1843 - Bishop Pompallier to Father Forest, Kororareka


Father Forest is now seen by Pompallier as provincial of the Marists. Forest did not want the title but provisionally accepted the responsibilities of the job (see f/n (1)). He has just written to the Bishop, asking him for what is effectively a job description. Pompallier says that these things must be taken into consideration: (1) the goal to be achieved, and the means (to do it?) becoming easy to know, (2) what cannot be done and (3) what is expedient to do. The goal of the provincial’s responsibility is to secure the perfection of the religious through the observance of the Rule and maintaining a religious spirit in the context of apostolic work. What the provincial cannot do: he has no responsibility for souls nor for any ministry on their behalf. He should do nothing that would interfere with his direction of the religious. He cannot move religious around; or authorise the building of new establishments and buildings. What it is expedient for him to do: live near the Vicar-Apostolic and his administration, to have a shared understanding with the Vicar-Apostolic on matters concerning the mission work. He is to see himself as the spiritual father of the men under the religious authority of the Superior-General of the Society of Mary.

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