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Yvert to Poupinel, Paris, 27 October 1840

Translation Jessie Munro, Aug. 2005; checked Madeleine le Jeune Dec. 2006.

Dear Father,
All our purchases are now complete. I’m nevertheless writing in haste given that I am still very much on the run. This letter is in order to have confirmation that the following bills will be accepted. I will give you in a following detailed letter all my considerations concerning the despatch:
1 demand bill for 2,100, drawn by Monsieur Lentaigne, paper supplier
2 demand bill of 2,200, drawn by Monsieur Joliot, ironmonger
3 demand bill of 800 - of Monsieur W. Osmond-Dubois
4 demand bill of 440 - of Monsieur Lairampert O [?]

With sincere respects,
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