Claude-André Baty

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From THE FIRST WAVE OF FRENCH MARISTS by Michael O'Meeghan SM, 2008, 10.

Fr CLAUDE-ANDRÉ BATY, aged 27 (on arrival in New Zealand in Group II on 14 Jun 1839).

He went first to Hokianga to begin learning Maori with Servant. In late July 1841 he left the Bay of Islands on the Sancta Maria with Pompallier and others. On 30 September Pompallier left him at Mahia to assess its suitability as a new mission station. With Pompallier diverted to Wallis, Baty was not uplifted and he travelled through the Urewera for some months, crossing paths with William Colenso. He left Mahia on 10 July 1842 to arrive in Kororareka on 24 August to take charge of mission printing in the nearly completed printery. In December 1849 Viard sent him to Wellington to prepare for the Marists to shift there on Pompallier's return from Europe. He was already showing early signs of consumption in late 1850 when he was called to Sydney to take charge of the mission Procure there. After several months he went to New Caledonia for his health. He died on 5 August 1851 on the Ile de Pins, aged 39, and is buried there.

Some documents that mention him (those in bold are written by him)
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